The Right Partnership can be the True Differentiator

Summit Healthcare is committed to working alongside your
organization to enable your success and where needed, support you to expand your offering. Entering into the right partnership can be the most important strategy for taking your organization to the next level; providing the best solutions and delivering the highest rate of satisfaction to your clients.

“We’re delighted to partner with Summit Healthcare. It’s a perfect match. When a healthcare organization needs to aggregate data from across a hospital or group of facilities, Summit Healthcare is able to offer comprehensive data automation to quickly and accurately extract that information. The combined offering delivers a true 360-degree patient view that will improve patient outcomes, decrease treatment cost, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.”

Mike Ball, Chief Business Development Officer at BridgeHead Software


Summit Healthcare partners with a variety of organizations to bring flexible, versatile solutions to life. We’ve worked alongside organizations for over 20 years, resulting in collective success and expansion of offerings.

For more information on a vendor partnership with Summit Healthcare:


Summit Healthcare provides all data extraction services for Bridgehead’s Healthstore application.  Utilizing an array of Summit Healthcare products and programming services centered around Summit Healthcare’s Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST). Learn more:

Summit’s EMPI, developed by Dedalus, is powered by the Summit Exchange integration platform to provide clients with a single integrated solution for patient matching. The Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) further adds to the solution by automating downstream workflows based on the unique patient identifier. Learn more:

HealthTrack’s clients utilize Summit Healthcare’s Summit Exchange/Express Connect integration engine to seamlessly pass patient clinical and financial data between the HealthTrack and ancillary systems. Learn more:

DrFirst utilizes Summit Healthcare’s Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) at a number of client sites to edit/input medication strings into MEDITECH.  These scripts automate this complex manual process ensuring that patients have the correct medications documented in MEDITECH. Learn more:

Vitalware is utilizing Summit Scripting Toolkit to integrate key chargemaster updates when standard integration methodologies are not available ensuring that accurate updates are sent to the host EMR system. Learn more:

Summit Scripting Toolkit has proven instrumental in automating various workflows within the application eliminating redundant data entry, without the risk of clerical errors. Learn more:

Med Metrix has utilized Summit Scripting Toolkit at a number of sites for identification and extraction of discrete data elements when traditional interfacing is not available.  Manual workflows can now be automated as well with Summit Scripting Toolkit. Learn more:

FDB utilized The Summit Scripting Toolkit to automate any changes in medication strings and update the client’s MEDITECH system on a scheduled basis. Learn more:

BridgeHead and Summit Healthcare Advance Healthcare Data Archiving

BridgeHead’s global partnership with Summit Healthcare brings together complementary solutions and services for the migration, consolidation, access and interoperability of healthcare data.

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Stillwater Medical Center

Summit Healthcare and Dedalus have partnered to provide identity matching capabilities utilizing key offerings from both companies.  Read how Stillwater Medical Center is utilizing Summit’s EMPI application powered by Dedalus to solve their duplicate medical record number problems across their disparate systems. 

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