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“Our goal is to ensure our clients are experiencing the best possible ROI with the products and services we are offering. A lot of effort goes into making our webinars valuable; giving our customers a LIVE look into the technology, sharing use cases, and highlighting features that can help enhance their organization’s integration and automation initiatives.”

Christine Duval, Director of Marketing at Summit Healthcare

Significantly Improve Workflows and Increase Efficiencies with RPA

We’ll review how to streamline processes, improve productivity, reduce staff burnout, and create significant ROI across all hospital departments: IT, HR/Payroll, Accounting and Revenue Cycle, to Business Office and Medical Records.

Summit All Access: 24×7 Patient Data Availability and Exchange

Introducing Summit Healthcare’s newest solution: Summit All Access. Summit All Access is the latest in interoperability and data access, offering a one-stop-shop for strategically managing data, 24×7, throughout your hospital and entire healthcare community.

Migrating to Summit All Access for Downtime from Summit Downtime Reporting System (Summit DRS)

Take a closer look at the new and improved Summit downtime solution – offering more robust capabilities, improved access to real-time patient data, and now featuring a Web Enabled platform allowing access from any location or device!

Leveraging Your Interface Engine for COVID Support

The staff at Summit has been helping a number of clients work through some complex reporting and integration challenges using the Summit Exchange Interface Engine paired with Summit’s RPA tools. We’ll provide a high level overview of the solutions, as well as spend a majority of the time talking through some of these COVID-related integration use cases and solutions that can be replicated in your integration landscape.

How to Ensure a Successful MEDITECH Upgrade

Whether upgrading to Expanse, or just taking a Priority Pack update, there are shared challenges that all hospitals face when it comes to integration. Each new version of Meditech comes with hurdles; workflows may have changed, interface offerings may be revised, or the message formatting itself may have been altered. Here, we’ll talk about these challenges, the most efficient way to address them, and what to do on the night of go-LIVE to ensure limited interface downtime and a successful upgrade.

Reduce Manual Scanning with the Summit Engine and Meditech Cold Feed Interface

This webinar will present how you can leverage the Summit Interface Engine combined with the Meditech Cold Feed interface to process HL7 Messages with embedded PDFs or images, which can then be ingested into your Meditech EHR. Use cases include:

  • Data Embedded in actual message (Create PDF from OBX.5)
  • PDF with a pointer message needs PDF Downloaded or moved into a directory (PDF and trigger exist, just need to manipulate location or name)
  • Physical PDF needs a trigger created (Process PDF)

Surgery Partners Presents: From Expanse to Magic – How Scripting Makes Tasks Easier

Staff at Surgery Partners script thousands of records into each of their MEDITECH platforms from Expanse, 6x, 5x and Magic sites. They have scripts that run reports that can’t be run with Report Scheduler, key in comments, automate MEDITECH access tasks, load large files of data, perform repetitive tasks, and assist with the Expanse implementation. This presentation will review all of these objectives, and more!

Upcoming Webcasts

Meet the CMS Rule for ADT Notifications; September 29th @ 1:00pm EDT

Summit Healthcare has flexible and customizable solutions to help your organization achieve the initiatives outlined in the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule. Whether you’re simply interested in setting up ADT notifications for your area providers to comply by the May 1st deadline, or you’re in search of a more robust patient data exchange platform for enhanced interoperability capabilities with your providers, including customizable alerting, user management, and enrollment – we can work with you to meet your exact needs.