Summit HealthcareSummit Healthcare integration solutions combine
with Consensus Cloud technology

Delivering the right results — the first time, every time.

Offering a powerful technology platform with proven industry experience, Summit Healthcare – now part of Consensus Cloud Solutions – is the smart choice for taking control of your healthcare systems integration, automation, and care continuity needs. Whether you’re looking to lower operating costs, increase speed to results, provide better patient care, or assure tighter compliance and increased control, Summit Healthcare’s versatile integration technology, tailored services, recognized industry experts and proven solutions will give you the control and results you need.


  • Connect disparate systems
  • Standardize processes to ensure high-quality patient care and recognize cost savings
  • Monitor, manage and report on any activity from anywhere, at any time


  • Increase productivity, enhance accuracy, and improve the customer experience
  • Build intelligent workflows in hours instead of days or weeks
  • Improve employee satisfaction and reduce burnout


  • Maintain patient care during planned or unplanned downtime
  • Offer secure, fully audited data access through the web
  • Facilitate and improve transitions of care between hospital and care teams


  • Enable your staff to focus on core hospital initiatives
  • Avoid the cost of recruiting staff members and workforce fluctuations
  • Enhance your staff with a highly experienced team of engineers

“The troubleshooting of interface issues is always a very time sensitive issue in any healthcare setting. The demands placed on those solutions to provide stability and transparent vision of the system status is extremely high. Upgrading to the Summit Exchange platform from Express Connect was a “night and day” difference for us! The GUI is much cleaner, troubleshooting of interfaces is much easier, and issues can be identified within minutes of navigating the system. This upgrade is a “must-have” for any Summit users!”

- Raphael Jaffrezic, CIO at Galway Clinic

"I’ve been a Summit client for over 10 years. At my previous organization we utilized integration outsourcing services and software. At my current organization we utilize the downtime system. Summit continues to be a strong business partner offering cost effective and well supported integration and automation solutions."

- Gerald Greeley, Former CIO at Signature Healthcare

"Summit is a pleasure to work with. Their resources are respectful and do not push us to execute on their schedule but rather our mutually agreed to schedule. As our priorities evolve and internal resource constraints present schedule challenges we greatly appreciate Summit's ability to flex with us."

- Craig Stearns, CIO & Security Officer at Gaylord Hospital

“SST was critical to the Success of our Meditech Magic to Meditech 6.1 conversion. We had large dictionary builds and hundreds of accounts that had to be discharged and admitted daily for trainings which would not have been possible without the use of the Summit Scripting tool.”

- Michael Laidlaw, The Valley Hospital

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