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MUSE 2020

Sorry We Missed You!

While we’re disappointed we didn’t get a chance to connect at the MUSE conference this year – we still want you to know we’re thinking about our Meditech Clients! We’re happy to meet virtually to discuss how we can help you reach your goals – Migrating to Expanse, scripting, data exchange, downtime planning…we’re only a phone call away!

  MEDITECH Expertise


Automating Processes Across All MEDITECH Platforms; Magic, 5.x, 6.x, and Expanse

SST has been estimated to save Surgery Partners over $150,000 every year and countless additional resources. Perhaps most importantly, the automation of tasks frees up employees to do more challenging, satisfying work rather than repetitive and error-prone manual data entry

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Patient Data Exchange

Patient data exchange and ADT notifications are critical, and now required, for improving interoperability and transitions of care. Does your organization have a solution in place to meet the CMS Rule on ADT Notifications?

We have customizable solutions to help you meet the compliance deadline – May 1, 2021

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Summit Scripting Toolkit

RPA can save organizations countless time, money, and resources, across any department! Read how St. Claire HealthCare is supplementing their MEDITECH platform with Summit ’s RPA technology.

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CMS Final Rule

Patient data exchange and ADT notifications are critical, and now required, for improving interoperability and transitions of care. Read how Henry Mayo has utilized Summit ’s All Access Solution to enhance communication with area providers.

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Have you considered Summit’s Managed Professional Services?

One of the most valuable tasks a healthcare IT team can undergo is the management of integration of systems, whether new or existing, throughout an organization. However, this dauntingly laborious and intensive process can often prove to be time consuming and costly.

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Integration, Business Continuity, & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Experts

For Hospitals And Healthcare Providers

Summit Healthcare offers the healthcare community a premier suite of tools to address integration, interoperability, workflow automation, dictionary management, data archiving, patient matching, and business continuity. Designed to work together as a complete solution for organizations using any healthcare information system, each component of the Summit Product Suite can be used independently or in combination to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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A CIO’s Ideal Integration Partner

Consider the Advantages of ONE Interoperability Vendor.

Summit Healthcare is here to assist your organization when upgrading or migrating your EHR, consolidating your interface landscape, tackling time-consuming manual tasks, dictionary/table management struggles and downtime requirements. These projects whether short-term or long-term often consume your organizations IT department.

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New & Improved Products

Summit All Access for Downtime

Summit All Access for Downtime offers 24×7 access to critical patient data. Securely distribute clinical documents and forms from any source system, empowering staff with the confidence to maintain quality patient care during a planned EHR downtime, a network downtime, or even an organization-wide natural disaster.

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Summit EMPI

EMPI provides for a central source of consistent patient identities and demographic data with extended support for multiple identifiers across complex systems and ensure uniqueness of each patient’s chart. While supporting for multiple patient domains and MPI federations, EMPI makes patient information continually available to internal and external consumers.

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Summit Exchange

Summit Exchange is a powerful, proven and cost-effective interoperability platform used by more than 200 healthcare organizations to establish seamless data exchange, addressing a wide range of technology and information integration and automation challenges from the simple to the extremely complex. Exchange delivers standards-based interface support, allowing Hospitals, Health Systems, ACOs, Practices, Clinics and Vendors to successfully connect disparate systems, gather and normalize data and streamline connectivity, communication, and data exchange.

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Automation Products

Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST)

SST is the most versatile and powerful RPA application available in healthcare. From the simplest workflow to the most complex processes, SST provides a cost-effective solution to streamline workflows and increase efficiencies.

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Summit InSync

Summit InSync is the market leading solution for dictionary/domain management through extraction, analysis and synchronization.

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See what our clients have to say about our solutions!

Signature Healthcare

Replaces Homegrown Downtime Solution with Summit Healthcare’s Industry-Proven Business Continuity Technology

 Due to a number of scheduled and unscheduled downtimes following an upgrade from MEDITECH Magic to 6.1, Signature Healthcare sought a more robust downtime solution. They had a homegrown solution in place, and while effective, it was highly inefficient.

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Halifax Health

Streamlines Workflow and Task Automation with Summit’s RPA Product: Summit Scripting Toolkit

The Summit Scripting Toolkit enables Halifax Health to automate countless manual tasks across the hospital enterprise, with an ROI totaling over $188,000 per year.

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Summit Healthcare is excited to announce our partnership with BridgeHead Software to expand our offerings to include advanced Data Archiving capabilities.


Summit Healthcare is pleased to partner with Dedalus Health Systems Group to expand our integration offerings and bring you an even more comprehensive integration platform for your hospital system.

“The troubleshooting of interface issues is always a very time sensitive issue in any healthcare setting. The demands placed on those solutions to provide stability and transparent vision of the system status is extremely high. Upgrading to the Summit Exchange platform from Express Connect was a “night and day” difference for us! The GUI is much cleaner, troubleshooting of interfaces is much easier, and issues can be identified within minutes of navigating the system. This upgrade is a “must-have” for any Summit users!”

- Raphael Jaffrezic, CIO at Galway Clinic

"I’ve been a Summit client for over 10 years. At my previous organization we utilized integration outsourcing services and software. At my current organization we utilize the downtime system. Summit continues to be a strong business partner offering cost effective and well supported integration and automation solutions."

- Gerald Greeley, CIO at Signature Healthcare

"Summit is a pleasure to work with. Their resources are respectful and do not push us to execute on their schedule but rather our mutually agreed to schedule. As our priorities evolve and internal resource constraints present schedule challenges we greatly appreciate Summit's ability to flex with us."

- Craig Stearns, CIO & Security Officer at Gaylord Hospital

“SST was critical to the Success of our Meditech Magic to Meditech 6.1 conversion. We had large dictionary builds and hundreds of accounts that had to be discharged and admitted daily for trainings which would not have been possible without the use of the Summit Scripting tool.”

- Michael Laidlaw, The Valley Hospital

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