Posted on behalf of Barry Njoes, Regional Sales Manager
Summit Healthcare has announced it will continue the 2017 corporate wide Initiative of putting our clients first.  This was the centralized theme of Summit’s Annual Company-Wide meeting that took place earlier this year in Hull, Ma.
Let’s look at the definition of “Client”:
“1: one that is under the protection of another: dependent

  1. first-rate power, able to defend her political clients in central and eastern Europe —W. W. Kulski

2 a: a person who engages the professional advice or services of another

  1. personal trainer … enjoyed the challenges of helping clients buff up their bodies. —S. K. Parks”

Miriam-Webster Dictionary
“Under the protection of another”.  That is a very strong statement!
Hopefully Summit does not have to protect you from any Political collusion with Central or Eastern European countries, but as an organization we feel that it is our purpose to ensure our software and services can assist our clients to meet the ever-changing requirements for Interoperability in healthcare.
This must be a company-wide initiative!    We engage our clients as well as empower our technical groups at Summit to develop the solutions our clients need while always keeping an eye on future regulations.  This focus enables Summit Healthcare to offer scalable solutions for our clients first, and deploy at the pace of their needs and goals
This protection could be in the form of sharing:

  • Peace of mind that Summary care records for each transition of care or referral (CCD/CDA/Direct) are being sent
  • All required Public Health and clinical data registry reporting are being met.
  • Providing Certified Technology for Attestations
  • Sharing clinical data Bi-Directional Immunizations

Are you a customer or a client to your vendors?
Let’s look at the definition of “Customer”:
1: one that purchases a commodity or service – The customer used a credit card for the purchase.
2: an individual usually having some specified distinctive trait- a real tough customer

  1. let me give you the advice of an old and world-weary customer. —Flannery O’Connor

The mere definition of customer is transactional and cold.  Is that how you are viewed by your vendors?  As a customer.  I hope not! Summit Healthcare is striving to ensure each of our clients never feel like a customer!
West Park – MEDITECH 6.1
Once again, Summit goes above and beyond.  The ECare interface is working like a charm after this call and Andrew’s help.  I don’t know what they pay Andrew Bancroft but he gets it done correctly, quickly and professionally.  He goes above and beyond and is just a nice person to deal with.  Please let the higher-ups at Summit know this.
​~ Valerie Harper, West Park Hospital
At the corporate meeting, I had the opportunity of asking the founder of Summit Healthcare, Ted Rossi, what does “Client First” mean to you?
“From our very beginning, Summit clients have been central to all we do.  And our commitment to clients is much more than a catch phrase we toss around – or a motto on our business cards – or words on our web site.   At Summit, “Client First” is a core value and is what sets us apart from the competition- it’s our key differentiator in the market.  And it’s what inspires us to produce best-in-class products, services and solutions.
So regardless of titles or roles or jobs, every Summit team member knows we all have the opportunity and obligation to make every client experience exceptional.  And it’s not lip service- client satisfaction is a key measure for the success for each team member and for the company.
We’ve set the bar high for our team and for the entire industry.