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Data Conversions, Extractions, and Archiving

Don’t have time to perform secure, timely conversions?

Data conversions present a daunting task for organizations large and small. As Hospitals implement new solutions to support the clinical and business aspects of their organization, they will need to migrate information from the “legacy” system to the replacement system.
Summit Healthcare simplifies the conversion process by extracting, normalizing, importing, and assisting with data validation.  Make data conversions more efficient and cost effective with solutions ranging from pre-conversion assessments to fully managed conversions.


  • Projects delivered on-time and on budget
  • Our professional services team has years of experience and will assist with a full conversion strategy
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming custom programming
  • A team of professionals who know conversion pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • We have experience working through the entire selection to implementation process

Summit Healthcare has years of experience and our technology can work with any EHRs, document management systems, and PACs:

Summit Healthcare Partners with Bridgehead Software for Advanced Data Archiving


HealthStore® Independent Clinical Archive – the Next Generation VNA

Healthcare organizations need an enterprise-wide, cross-department solution to store, protect and share all patient and administrative data. However, they routinely change applications because their business needs are constantly shifting, resulting in key data not being migrated into those new applications. The cost to maintain those legacy systems in order to keep that data is tremendous; software maintenance, internal labor costs and data center costs. Summit Healthcare and Bridgehead Software have a better solution!

By partnering with Bridgehead Software, Summit Healthcare can provide a customized browser-based application for easy viewing, consisting of both report images and discrete data. With various methods of extracting data, Summit Healthcare will extract information from any database and load them into HealthStore.

HealthStore Features and Benefits

Independent Clinical Archive

An Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) that extends beyond the remit of the traditional Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)


Works with any of a healthcare organization’s chosen applications, including clinical portals, PACS, viewers and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for easy sharing

Content Access Tools

HealthStore provides all the user tools to search for and access content (e.g. portal) as well as easily integrating into existing systems

Data Protection

Multi-copy facility to enable healthcare organizations to write independent copies to their chosen destinations, ensuring comprehensive protection

Single Repository

A single repository for all clinical and administrative data sources across the healthcare enterprise

Storage Management

Offers a comprehensive storage management allowing healthcare organizations to take full control of the information lifecycle and works with all storage hardware vendors and devices

Supports Open Standards

Fully supports healthcare data standards such as DICOM, HL7, XDS and CIFS (for unstructured files)

Auditing & Reporting

For tracking, traceability and analytics to help IT and clinicians monitor activities, trends, resources and security