A robust EMPI system can pay for itself in terms of ROI by reducing rejected claims, minimizing time wasted on record management, and increasing provider satisfaction.

  • Has your healthcare organization undergone any kind of merger or changeover of systems in the last few years?
  • If your HCIS has a duplicate record checking system how robust is it? Can it protect or cross reference your ancillary systems as well?
  • What percentage of claims have you submitted that have been denied due to inaccurate patient information?
  • How much time (and labor dollars) is your staff spending researching and reconciling duplicate patient records?
  • How have billing or medical errors caused by any of the above issues impacted the overall satisfaction or safety of your patients and your providers?

Our Professional Services Team can help you with your overall interoperability strategy, starting with an EMPI Analysis to determine the health of the data in your EHR.  Contact us to learn more!

Sample MPI Analysis Report