Katie Jankowski

Implementation Engineer

Why did you join Summit Healthcare?
I joined Summit Healthcare after becoming intrigued about their interface engine product. I have been working with interfaces since 2013 and actually worked alongside Summit Healthcare for a few implementations in my previous job. During each of these implementations, I wanted to be more involved in the logic and challenge of personally crafting resolutions for clients, which my current job didn’t provide. I welcomed the challenge of delving deeper into the interface world and learning about integration with interface engines.
Tell us about your career and what you were doing before Summit Healthcare.
I graduated with a double major in International Business and Management along with a minor in Information Technology. Prior to graduating, I knew that I wanted to work in the Information Technology field but was struggling to narrow down which sector. I stumbled upon Meditech at a career fair and had a couple of friends that currently worked there. I ended up being hired into the NMI (Interoperability) Group at Meditech – specifically working with the 6X platform. Being responsible for interfaces at over 55 hospitals was challenging at times but also allowed me to feel educated in the Healthcare field, as it relates to IT. This job was the stepping stone for being hired at Summit Healthcare.
Are you currently working on anything exciting that you can share?
I am working on an exciting project for a hospital that is transitioning from Meditech to Epic. For the GO-LIVE, they want to back-fill their Epic system with patient data so that Epic isn’t a blank slate upon the Go-LIVE. This has been exciting since the Managed Services Team typically works with integration products (Summit Exchange, Care Exchange, and Express Connect). It has been refreshing to work with another Summit product called the Summit Scripting Toolkit. We are scripting all types of HL7/XML messages, including but not limited to: ADT, ORU (Lab, Pathology, Radiology, and Cardiology), CCD, and Immunizations. It will be very rewarding and exciting after their Go-LIVE to see all that we accomplished.
How would you describe the Managed Services team at Summit Healthcare?
The Managed Services team is outstanding at Summit Healthcare. Each member of the team is always eager to learn from one another and to provide insight into difficult projects or interesting requests. I always know that if I run into difficulty developing a solution for a client, that I can count on any member of our team to help out. I’m proud to be part of a team that values collaboration and really gets along with one another. Of course I’m bias, but I wouldn’t trade this group of individuals for anyone else!
What is a typical day like for you at Summit Healthcare?
A typical day for me at Summit Healthcare is to arrive in the morning and catch up on all emails. From there, the Managed Services team has a scrum meeting where we discuss what we plan to accomplish that day, if we are experiencing difficulties resolving a client-reported issue or if we are working on an interesting project. The rest of the day can vary depending on what projects are on the radar and which deadlines are approaching. I like the variety of each day, coming into the office feels like a surprise in terms of workload.
What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and despite being afraid of flying, I love to travel as well. I’m hoping to travel to Europe in the near future! In addition to these hobbies, I enjoy swimming and have swam for numerous teams/clubs since the age of 5. I also love to watch and attend New England sporting events, GO PATS!