Christine Duval

Marketing Strategist

Why did you join Summit Healthcare?
Prior to Summit, I had been working at a company for just about 8 years. I had taken the job right out of college and eventually I reached a point in my career where I was ready to try something new and see what other ways I could build on my expertise and skills as a Marketing professional.  I gravitated towards the healthcare field because I wanted a career in a sustainable industry where I knew I was helping to make difference in people’s lives, and marketing something meaningful. Summit Healthcare is developing products and services that are the future of healthcare IT, and it seemed like a great company to work for overall.
Tell us about your career and what you were doing before Summit Healthcare.
I graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Business Administration, and a major in Marketing. Following graduation, I took a job at a renewable energy company based out of Boston. Throughout my 8 years there, I was immersed in everything and anything marketing – laying the foundation for my career at Summit. I gained experience creating press releases, case studies & brochures, managing the corporate website and social media channels, coordinating trade shows and community events, public outreach, etc. Switching from Renewable Energy to Healthcare isn’t the most natural career path, but fortunately marketing is a profession that is easily transferrable from one industry to the next once you have a grasp of the company, goals, and products.
What is your favorite trade show to prepare for/attend each year?
I really enjoy conference and event planning but it is a lot of work, especially coordinating some of the larger trade shows Summit attends like the annual HIMSS and MUSE Conferences.  I’d have to say my favorite of the two to plan was MUSE because every year we like to come up with fun new booth activities and attractions, and also coordinate a large client appreciation party during that show – which doesn’t feel like work! My favorite trade show I’ve attended so far was HIMSS17. Over 40,000 people attended that show. It was so energizing and educational to be surrounded by so many health information and technology professionals, meet a large number of our clients and partners, learn what other organizations are doing, hear about upcoming industry trends and objectives, and see the new products and solutions that are emerging in this cutting-edge industry.
What type of marketing practices do you find the most useful/effective at Summit?
Keeping the company website fresh, interesting, and up-to-date is one of the most important projects for the marketing team. For people who don’t already know Summit and our solutions, the website is really the first impression that we give those potential customers, and it is the first point of contact for someone looking to find information on Summit Healthcare.  We want to ensure that we are presenting the company and the products as effectively as possible. Social media channels are also a great way to connect and engage with a large pool of thought leaders, customers, and potential customers – which is integral for helping to build our online presence and brand awareness. Building more awareness will help drive consumers to our website, to our booth at tradeshows, to our educational webcasts, etc. – and hopefully generate new clients!
What is a typical day like for you at Summit Healthcare?
What I like most about my job, besides the people I work with, is that there are no typical days. We have a small marketing team at Summit which means I’m involved in almost every aspect of marketing, and I also get to work with every department depending on which projects I have on any given day – it keeps things exciting! For example, some days I’m working with the project managers and engineers to write a case study to highlight ways a hospital is using one of our solutions. I work with the sales team to coordinate and promote webcasts. I spend time working on social media and email campaigns. There’s days I’m in meetings with a cross-departmental team to brainstorm changes to the corporate website and new product messaging. There’s also some days that are dedicated almost entirely for tradeshow prep and logistics.
What is your favorite thing about working at Summit Healthcare?
I like that Summit is a small company, so the executives and upper management really take the time to get to know their employees, and are always available for a quick meeting or to offer support. And even though it is a small company, there are still plenty of opportunities to grow and I’m still learning something new every day.  I also work with a great group of people, especially the sales/marketing team who are so supportive, knowledgeable, and make work enjoyable.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I’ve been living in Boston for the past ten years, but recently moved to a new neighborhood so I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring my new surroundings, taking my dog for walks through the parks, trying out new restaurants and experiencing community events with my boyfriend/friends. I try to travel as often as I can, whether to visit friends and family throughout New England, or to tropical locations when I get sick of the Boston winters. I like to stay healthy and active by going to my local gym, for runs or hikes when the weather’s permitting, I enjoy cooking, and I love watching the New England Patriots!