Jake Urbano

Support/IT Analyst

Why did you join Summit Healthcare?

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the Information Technology field, especially when I was growing up and becoming so interested in technology. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to join Summit Healthcare right out of college. At first glance, it looked to be a great company, with years of experience to show for it.

Tell us about your career and what you were doing before Summit Healthcare.

Before Summit, I was working in retail, while also going to college. In addition, I previously worked in internships relating to IT.

What would your advice be to someone looking to join the Summit Healthcare team?

If you work hard every day, you’ll be recognized for your dedication. Also, if you’re ever in doubt about something, you’ll have a great group of coworkers to ask questions to and can always lend a hand.

How would you describe your team at Summit Healthcare?

My team at Summit is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We’re able to adapt and overcome any obstacles, and truly give the best possible experience to our clients.

What is a typical day like for you at Summit Healthcare?

On a typical day, I spend time identifying and resolving support issues for our clients. I also identify and resolve IT issues within the Summit team. For some days, I’m in meetings to discuss IT improvements and projects.