Summit Exchange has been tested and certified through the ONC Drummond Group

The Summit Exchange Integration Engine is compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Drummond Group’s ONC-ACB certification program certifies that EHRs, and software that interacts with EHRs, meet the Meaningful Use criteria for either eligible provider or hospital technology. In turn, healthcare providers using the products of certified vendors are qualified to receive federal stimulus monies upon demonstrating meaningful use of the technology; a key component of the federal government’s push to improve clinical care delivery through the adoption and effective use of EHRs by U.S. healthcare providers.
Modules Tested: 170.315 (d)(1-3, 5-9); (g)(4,5)
Costs and Limitations: There are no additional costs other than the initial purchase price.
Technical or Practical Limitations: There are also no contractual, technical or practical limitations in order to meet the certification requirements.
Summit Exchange met the 2015 requirements for Modular Ambulatory EHR and Modular Inpatient EHR certification. For more information, go to 
Click on the seal below to see the 2015 Edition Certificate.