“Enabling an EMPI solution has made a significant difference in our duplicate/inaccurate record rate. This allows our staff to provide the best possible patient care.”

Summit Identity Exchange
Improve Patient Matching Easily and Accurately

You can’t afford to ignore patient identity errors. Ensure you have clean systems with clean data by using a comprehensive identity management solution.

Summit Identity Exchange (Identity) is a unique identity management platform which solves the problem of siloed data both within your organization and with your affiliated partners.

Identity is an extension to the Summit Exchange platform that creates and maintains the accuracy of the patient and provider records throughout the healthcare network, including affiliated organization’s systems.  Identity consolidates duplicate records and maps the location of all patient and provider records into a 360o view.  Identity works with Summit Exchange to facilitate information sharing via HL7 and discrete data integration with affiliated organizations and enables the healthcare organization to achieve the goal of “One patient. One record.” throughout the entire clinical network.

Summit Identity Exchange is the platform your organization needs to improve information exchange throughout your organization and supporting the success of future initiatives that all rely on accurate patient and provider identities.


ROI: Cost Savings

  • Immediate ROI
  • Reduces financial delays with accurate billing and reimbursements
  • Automates patient matching
  • Improved patient care, quality and effectiveness with comprehensive data

Vendor & Application Neutrality

  • Connect to all HCIS vendors, including MEDITECH, Allscripts, Cerner HS, Cerner Millennium, HMS, Epic
  • Operates independently from the single application logic
  • Provides all other applications services for research, entry, update of demographic data, and reconciliation of two demographic positions

Ease of Use

  • Interacts with other external demographics, such as health demographics or regional demographics
  • Maintain demographic information histories, logging any variations connected to each patient contact with the health structure
  • Controlling homonyms according to configurable criteria, and reconciling demographic positions (merge and unmerge)


  • Establishes a common patient identifier for cross-platform interoperability and accurate data exchange
  • Ensures interoperation between different subsystems by sharing common coding catalogues
  • Increases patient safety measures through ensuring clinicians have an accurate view of a patient’s medical history
  • Reduction in patient redundancy

Your EHR is Only as Good as the Information Running Through It

The costs of patient record duplication and incorrect record linking are real and growing fast. It is not just a financial cost – Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death in the US today. An incomplete picture of a patient’s total care can lead to costly and dangerous mistakes.

Research shows:


Average number of duplicates in an organization’s EHR


Cost of each duplicate, per patient


Claims denied due to inaccurate patient information


Number of people who die annually due to mistaken identity

How are you ensuring your organization is providing the safest care to your patients?

Summit Healthcare’s Professional Services Team will work with your organization to evaluate the health of your data, analyze where duplicate records are originating from, and offer a comprehensive plan to implement a solution for either a one-time clean up, or a complete, ongoing patient matching solution.


Additional Offerings

The expanded platform has the ability to assist healthcare providers in collecting and sharing patient information, documents, and processes across multiple institutions. Providers are able to efficiently manage healthcare information while reducing risk, improving security and drastically increasing quality control.
Provide the means to create an efficient cross-institutional healthcare network, all while improving your clinical and administrative processes:

  • The Document Registry and Repository are the central components of the platform. These components are devoted to accepting, maintaining and storing documents submitted by document source applications. The Repository, combined with the Document Registry, allows for an integrated environment. While the repository component manages documents, the registry manages the metadata associated with said documents. The primary advantage of this approach is that there are no restrictions on the amount of document repositories that can be associated with a single document registry.
  • Health Viewer provides a web-based graphical interface to end users for browsing and displaying documents stored in the Summit Platform Repository, thus providing in-context or out-context secure access to clinical information. Health Viewer supports patient search, document query, document retrieve and display, with a powerful rendering engine for CDA2 documents and FHIR resources.

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