Posted on behalf of Katie Jankowski, Senior Implementation Engineer

Healthcare is constantly innovating and offering new technology that changes the way patient care is provided. Artificial Intelligence is being used to improve workflows, help enhance patient experience, and assist with clinician decision-making.

We are now seeing more virtualization of patient care and many Massachusetts-based companies are developing trend-setting solutions involving Artificial Intelligence. The following companies are helping pioneer the AI space with their cutting-edge solutions:

Buoy Health, based out of Boston, MA, is transforming the world of healthcare using Artificial Intelligence to assist with symptom checking. With the current population feeling uneasy about COVID-19, their symptom checker plays a crucial role in not only assisting with patient care but also assisting with patient reassurance. Patients can check on symptoms they are experiencing along with symptoms that another family member is experiencing. With the end goal of being patient-centric, this tool is unique because it resembles a conversation with a doctor and simultaneously limits the spread of disease through human interaction.

Nuance Communications, based out of Burlington, MA, has several Artificial Intelligence solutions involving speech recognition and virtual assistance. In the past, Nuance has partnered with the American Medical Association and integrated with Meditech’s Expanse platform. Most recently, they have partnered with Microsoft to deliver the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Solution. The DAX Solution integrates with EHR systems and uses Natural Language Processing to translate the physician-patient exam room conversation to clinical documentation. Less time will be spent documenting the appointment and more time will be allocated to patient interaction, which, according to the ONC and CMS, should ultimately help with clinician burnout.

Partners Healthcare, based out of Boston, MA, has been partnered with GE Healthcare to create a solution aligned to help with clinician decision-making. This 10-year partnership began in 2017 and is anticipated to result in an Artificial Intelligence solution that impacts every step of the patient experience. They plan to initially focus on diagnostic imaging, with the hope of developing a solution to prioritize MRI images, analyze CT Scans and determine cancer probability in ultrasounds.

All three of these companies have the same goal, to help deliver patient care in the most effective, efficient, and responsible way. To help physicians provide optimal care and for patients to have access to it.

The goal isn’t to replace human interaction altogether, but to focus on higher quality human interactions.