Burton Hospitals Partners with Summit Healthcare to Streamline Integration During HCIS Migration

Summit Healthcare Assists with Burton Hospitals MEDITECH Migration and Ongoing Interface Support

Braintree, Mass., – Summit Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare system integration and automation technologies, recently highlighted their expanded partnership with Burton Hospitals to provide support throughout, and following, the migration of their HCIS platform.

Burton Hospitals, located in the UK, is the principal provider of acute hospital services for the residents of Burton upon Trent and surrounding areas, including South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire. The hospital serves a population of approximately 360,000 people and is committed to delivering sustainable and viable services in order to meet the needs of patients, building on their vision of being the local healthcare provider of choice, and delivering the best patient experience.

In 2015, Burton Hospitals made the decision to upgrade their MEDITECH Platform from Magic to 6.07, and needed a partner to support their efforts. Summit Healthcare has been integrating with a multitude of vendors and HCIS platforms for over a decade, so Burton Hospitals knew they had the most experience, advanced tools, and trusted resources to help them successfully, and seamlessly, accomplish their migration goals.

The transition to any new HCIS platform can be challenging for an organization as they look to implement new applications, train their staff, and build a system that will not only achieve clinical transformation, but lay the foundation for industry initiatives like the Local Digital Roadmap. “We knew a migration would be a very complex and time consuming endeavor”, said Manni Imiavan, Chief Information Officer at Burton Hospitals. “Summit Healthcare not only had the technology platform we needed, they also offered a complete support package with a professional services team that was knowledgeable in all aspects of integration and the MEDITECH system.”

Summit Healthcare’s project management team was on hand to assist with the inventory of all interfaces, analyze and document all interface customization, and provide recommendations for interfaces needed for MEDITECH 6.07. The team was able to eliminate the use of redundant interfaces, which amounted to significant cost savings for the hospital. With the help of Summit Healthcare’s expertise, Burton Hospitals was able to break down some of the silos that existed in the Magic environment, and map out a more streamlined landscape with a number of third party vendors that include CRIS, Datix, Lab Driver, Virgin Care, and MedWorxx. Throughout the development, testing, and go live stages, Summit Healthcare’s staff made sure the migration from MEDITECH Magic to MEDITECH 6.07 was a seamless transition.

Upon MEDITECH 6.07 go live, Burton Hospitals extended their partnership with Summit Healthcare by entering into an outsourcing agreement to assist with the continued management of their interface strategy. Interface management can be extremely tedious and costly, for both time and resources. The outsourcing team at Summit Healthcare has the expertise and knowledge to continue to manage and educate Burton Hospitals internal staff on their interface landscape. “We began working with MEDITECH clients in early 2009 as the first sites began migrating to the new MEDITECH 6.0 platform”, said Ted Rossi, Chief Executive Officer at Summit Healthcare. “Summit Healthcare prides ourselves on being a trusted integration partner to our clients and will continue to strive to ensure this huge undertaking is the most streamlined for our clients as possible.”

The Summit Healthcare team is on hand to provide 24×7 support of Burton Hospitals interfaces, including education, modifications testing or upgrades to existing interfaces, as well as developing additional interfaces on an as-needed basis in the future. The team also acts as a liaison between vendors during interface development, which frees up time and resources, allowing Burton Hospitals staff to focus on core hospital objectives.

About Summit Healthcare
Summit Healthcare is the choice of hospitals and providers who want to take full control of their healthcare systems integration and information management requirements. Since 1999, we have worked to provide the industry with the most flexible integration technology with complementary tailored services and solutions. Visit us at www.summit-healthcare.com

About Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the principal provider of acute hospital services for the residents of Burton upon Trent and surrounding areas including South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire.  The Trust serves a population of approximately 360,000 people and is committed to delivering high quality patient care. For more information, visit www.burtonhospitals.nhs.uk.