Summit Healthcare Solutions Enable Hospitals to Maximize ROI and Improve Workflows Across the Entire Organization

Braintree, MA, February 9, 2021Summit Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare systems automation, business continuity, and integration technology, today announced multiple new signings from clients looking to improve processes, increase efficiencies, and significantly reduce costs with the Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST). Summit’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, which can be combined with optional add-on Professional Services, can improve workflows in any department across healthcare organizations. Automating tasks with SST reduces expenses, increases productivity, and does it in a fraction of the time it would take employees while mitigating human error and enhancing security.

Now more than ever hospitals are looking for ways to control rising costs while maintaining staff levels and providing the best patient care. Understanding the potential impact of implementing a powerful automation platform across health systems can significantly jump start an organization’s bottom line. Most hospitals see an ROI in months, if not weeks, after implementing an automation solution.

Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST)

SST is the most versatile and cost-effective RPA solution available in healthcare. From the simplest to the most complex processes, SST provides a powerful, user-friendly solution that enables organizations to streamline repetitive data entry tasks and get more value out of employees. By employing RPA to assist with workloads, staff can be better-allocated to more rewarding and cognitive projects. This leads to an improvement in employee satisfaction and alleviates staff burnout.

SST provides a full-featured, proven workflow automation technology complete with all the functionality necessary for programmers and non-programmers alike to build, test, and deploy workflows from a single desktop application. It can connect to virtually any system: all major EHR vendors, known complex, proprietary Windows or Web-based applications and remote hosted sessions including Citrix environments. The latest product enhancements offer integration with the Summit Exchange platform which includes the Summit Enterprise Dashboard for remote monitoring, centralized management, and troubleshooting of the organization’s workflows.

Automating tasks goes beyond the IT department. SST can be applied throughout the hospital or health system to support a multitude of departments and job functions. Developing intelligent workflows in finance/AP, materials management, HR/payroll, and administrative departments of the hospital will further contribute to lowering operating costs, improving compliance and accuracy, and boosting productivity for a maximum ROI.

Summit Automation Services

A new offering, Summit’s Automation Services, provides a consultative evaluation of a health system’s business processes along with the utilization of Summit Healthcare’s RPA technology and staff expertise to provide time and cost saving solutions to each department of the organization. Summit Healthcare’s team of experts works directly with hospital staff to assist in recognizing areas of daily, weekly, and yearly routines that are repeatable or require manual entry. In identifying these areas, Summit Healthcare engineers, in conjunction with the Summit Suite of automation tools, can act as a unique temporary or full-time employee to manage a multitude of projects and alleviate workload fluctuation in your organization. Summit provides not only the services to automate a process, but also the continued maintenance and support to go along with it.

“We’ve seen RPA technology and usage exploding into the healthcare industry over the past couple of years,” said Ted Rossi, CEO/Founder, Summit Healthcare.  “Summit Healthcare has been offering automation products since its inception so we’re eager to see how SST and our team of experts can continue to be leveraged more extensively to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal has always been to help our clients remain sustainable and better equipped to solve more of the complex challenges of healthcare today”.

New RPA software and service signings include the following Summit Healthcare customers:

  • Nathan Littauer Hospital, NY
  • Northwestern Medical Center, VT
  • Baylor Medical Center, TX
  • Campbell County Memorial Hospital, WY
  • Harrington Memorial Hospital, MA
  • Willis Knighton Medical Center, LA
  • Boulder Community Hospital, CO
  • Hermitage Clinic, IR
  • Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Trust, UK

“SST was recently implemented with the goal of providing support related to COVID-19 testing and resulting, which could have been an extremely laborious process. Staff built automated workflows to assist with merging files and test results, processing those results in Meditech, and then emailing or texting the results to patients”, said Lauren Josie, Director of Information Technology at Harrington Memorial Hospital. “We’re looking forward to expanding our use of the solution to further improve operational efficiencies across the organization, and establish a very real return on investment by utilizing RPA technology.”

Summit Healthcare has been offering RPA solutions for over 20 years and continues to invest in its technology offerings with the goal of providing cutting-edge software and services that empower hospitals to remain successful in this ever-changing industry.


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