Posted on behalf of Pieter Masschaele, Senior Director of Software Development

Are you tired of repeating the same tasks again and again? If your day-to-day at work reminds you of the movie “Groundhog Day,” you should consider if some tasks could be automated. By simulating a user performing repetitive tasks, Summit Healthcare has a solution that can repeat this task for you as many times as you need. Our RPA tool, SST performs tasks 24/7/365.

Because of the success our RPA tool has had, some of our users have set up environments with up to twenty workflow automation machines. This has led to a higher complexity of managing the workflows, scheduling, and monitoring of the execution. In last year’s release we integrated the workflow creation and execution in our Summit Exchange (SE) platform.  This allows users to now manage both the integration interfaces and automation servers from one centralized view.

In our latest release, 2104, we have added a web dashboard for workflow execution. Now you can see the success status of the last running workflows, how many records have been processed, and what errors have been raised by these workflows in the browser. There is also a new real-time view for the execution of the workflow where the workflow execution can be monitored. To see all of this at work, check out this video.

One more great feature we added is the ability to load balance the workflow execution with data extracted from a database. This is especially useful when thousands or millions of records need to be processed, such as the migration of scheduling systems or the updating of pharmacy dictionaries.

We are looking forward to our customers taking full advantage of these new features! Contact us to learn more: [email protected]