By Christine Duval, Marketing Director 

Along with gearing up for the holiday season, most staff members at pretty much every organization are likely also dealing with a serious time crunch to finish year-end projects, plan their budgets for 2021, and at the same time are also trying to figure out when they can actually use their remaining vacation days so they don’t lose them.

Year-end budgeting brings up a bigger initiative – which organizational goals are you hoping to accomplish in the new year, and what is the cost vs. ROI?

  • Are there new cutting-edge technology solutions you’d like to be able to implement?
  • Are there upcoming government mandates changing interoperability or reporting requirements for hospitals?
  • Did you get dinged this year over your number of readmissions?
  • Is there a technology out there that can save your organization time and money, while helping to improve patient care?
  • Are you re-evaluating the current ROI for some of the HIT solutions you already have in place?

As the year starts to wind down, hospitals aren’t. Workloads are higher, departments are understaffed, and the stress among employees manifests in different ways; stress related illness, lower productivity, and/or higher turnover.

How long is your department’s to-do list? Do you have an overwhelming amount of work you need to finish by December 31st? Your to-do list may be long, but your wish list should be short – all you need is one robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution in place to help you with any repetitive, manual tasks to help ease the workloads of your staff and better allocate resources. RPA solutions work overnights, weekends, and 24/7. Workflows can be scheduled to run in the middle of the night, on a trigger, or repetitively every day, hour, etc. without the need for human intervention. RPA tools act as an extension of your staff, and work faster and more accurately than an FTE; complete batch uploads in minutes, error-free, so your employees can be allocated to more important and rewarding hospital projects.

This is the time of year when we’re fielding a higher volume of requests from clients for help. IT departments aren’t the only departments that can benefit from an RPA tool, and after a few projects, it’ll be paying for itself and then some! –

  • Did staff receive pay raises or bonuses? 401K withholding changes? Payroll Increases? Benefits withholding updates?
  • Does your organization have price changes for the new year? Room charges? Materials Management updates? Inventory management?
  • Does your organization have new billing codes?
  • Updating Active Directory credentials? Credentialing or Decredentialing accounts in ANY system, or many systems?
  • Removing or closing out expired orders, expired pre-registrations, or other data maintenance?
  • Does your organization have anything that needs to be reconciled in a short amount of time?

Summit offers a robust Robotic Process Automation tool, the Summit Scripting Toolkit, that can automate any manual, repetitive data entry into any system (whether it’s your EHR, or any third party system such as Payroll, Active Directory, etc.).

If you already own our Scripting Toolkit or need temporary or permanent licensing, we can help you! We offer anything from temp licenses, scripting services, or permanent licenses and training to suit your needs. Leave the work to automation so you focus on improving your workflows, increasing efficiency throughout the hospital, and allowing staff to focus on what really matters – inside and outside the hospital walls!