Scripting Contest!

Posted on behalf of Eric Tallberg, Solutions Manager
Here is a challenge for those of you who are using Summit Healthcare’s Scripting Toolkit…..
We know demos aren’t ideal for truly understanding how our product works. What helps is when prospective users see real-world applications from real world users like yourself. Scripting is practically multifunctional; there are SO many cases where scripting is useful that it can be hard to reserve its functions for only one area. To that end, we’re inviting users of our Summit Scripting Toolkit to show off your stuff!
Automation tools/scripting, or as some folks call it, Robotic Process Automation, definitely still has its place in almost any area of any business when it comes to the mundane, repetitive data entry. What are YOU using it for to save you time, money, and effort?
We are having a contest for the best answer to that! In addition to bragging rights, the winner gets a $100 gift card. Knowing that a lot of effort goes into this, we’re also going to offer 2nd and 3rd prizes to runners up. (*If your hospital has policies where employees are not able to accept gifts from vendors, we can apply the prize to the charity of your choice, or maintenance savings for one of the licenses used at your facility.)
Here’s how we’re going to do this:

  1. We’re offering this up to anyone who has developed some pretty cool scripts (Maybe we’ve seen them on our Ask-A-Trainer sessions!)
  2. We’ll accept any scripts from any “category” where scripting is used to automate processes that have saved a significant amount of time and money.
    1. Categories will be grouped by what we actually receive as submissions, but we are thinking of examples like:
      • Financial department scripts
      • Clinical/report scripts
      • Web based application scripts
    2. However, if your script does not fit into these categories, PLEASE still submit!
  3. We’ll hold 4 separate webinars to allow 3 different “categories” to offer their scripts with a “finals” in the 4th
  4. Within each webinar, the audience will vote for their favorite script. Each week, the winner will be chosen and invited to the 4th session for the “Finals.”
    1. The cool ones are things many people may not have thought about
    2. The cooler ones have scripting techniques that utilize good error handling
    3. Cool ones are easy-to-follow, but might still be complex in how certain oddities in automation were overcome
    4. The winning ones we will ask to be demonstrated (limited to 15 minutes) on a webinar channel and compete for the $100, $50, and $25.
    5. Extra consideration for ones that have comments in the script explaining any parts that might be tricky or unclear.
  5. This is for fun and we don’t expect you to build new scripts, but really show off those scripts you already have. Please be able to show them in a way that doesn’t show any real PHI or other sensitive data since this is designed to have a larger audience (via GotoWebinar).

So if you’re still reading this and you feel like you have the best script, here’s what we’d like you to do.

  2. Send us your script (email [email protected] or fill out the form: with a quick description of what it’s doing.
  3. Include screenshots of the application that you’re writing the script in. It doesn’t have to be Meditech, either. Webpage scripts are probably going to gain extra bonus points. Even more if you’ve upgraded to SST 8 and are also using the OCR+ functionality.
  4. Be willing to present your script in 15 minutes to review the source of data, the function of the script, and what makes it useful to your business.

Feel free to contact Eric Tallberg ([email protected]) with any other questions you may have. This is for fun, but we do really appreciate the help of our customers in helping us bring our tools to new hospitals. The effort you’ve put in to help your company save money could earn you a little extra and maybe even help your company save a little more on maintenance fees.