Multiple Hospitals Implementing the Summit All Access platform to Support Secure Patient Data Availability and Exchange

Summit Healthcare Clients Ensure 24/7 Access to Critical Patient Data Throughout the Care Community

Braintree, Mass., July 28, 2020 – Summit Healthcare, a leader in healthcare system integration and automation solutions, today announced multiple new signings from clients to improve access to critical patient information. Summit All Access is a web-based and mobile platform that enables hospitals to effectively access and share real-time, patient-specific data and critical documents throughout the four walls of their hospital and entire care community. This powerful and flexible interoperability platform can be customized to accomplish a range of objectives, from basic ADT alerts to a more comprehensive data availability solution:

All Access for Provider Alert

Seamlessly meet the new CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs) with Provider Alert. Provider Alert is a web-based solution that utilizes Summit’s powerful interoperability technology to provide real-time alerting of critical patient events as they happen. Provider Alert facilitates proactive ADT notifications with in-network and out-of-network providers from a centralized, secure system to improve care transitions and proactive outreach.

All Access for Community Access

Take the Provider Alert solution a step further with Community Access, the one-stop-shop for strategically managing patient data availability throughout the entire healthcare enterprise. It is a more robust application offering fully audited, searchable, on-demand access to patient information and reports. Providers can choose to customize the solution with alerting preferences, user management, and enrollment features. In addition to ADT alerts, access to reports can include CCDs, lab results, radiology results, transcriptions, surgery schedules, and more.

Community Access empowers community providers with on-demand data access without giving full EHR permissions, while experiencing peace of mind knowing that all processed data is automatically encrypted to HIPAA standards.

All Access for Downtime

All Access capabilities also include secure, auditable access to patient data in the event of a network or EHR downtime. A number of clients have since migrated to All Access for Downtime from the legacy Summit Downtime Reporting System (DRS). All Access for Downtime offers the same great features and functionality of DRS, but takes downtime preparedness a few steps further. Whether through the web-enabled platform, or designated downtime machines absorbing real-time data through HL7 feeds, staff will have the tools to maintain quality patient care during a planned EHR downtime, a network downtime, or even an organization-wide natural disaster. The entire care community will benefit from uninterrupted access to the most up-to-date patient information available.

Some of the more recent signings include the following organizations:

  • Deborah Heart and Lung Center, NJ
  • Bristol Hospital, CT
  • Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, TX
  • Commonwealth Health Corporation, KY
  • Pella Regional Health Center, IA
  • Cuero Community Hospital, TX
  • Frederick Health Hospital, MD
  • Stillwater Medical Center, OK
  • Cottage Hospital, NH

All of these organizations chose to implement Summit All Access for a variety of reasons to reach their unique individual goals. As interoperability and data exchange become more important for care continuity and improving patient safety, the Summit All Access Platform ensures the entire care community has on-demand access to their patient’s critical information 100% of the time.

“I have worked with Summit Healthcare over the years utilizing a variety of their integration and automation products and services with great success. At Cuero Community Hospital we are implementing Summit Healthcare’s All Access platform, which is comprised of their ‘Downtime’ and ‘Community Access’ solutions. These applications will address not only our business continuity/downtime needs for both planned and unplanned system downtimes, but will also provide us with the ability to deliver critical, real time and historical patient data to our continuing care settings (nursing homes, clinics, and physician offices) to ensure continuity of care and ultimately reduce potential readmissions,” said Ismelda Garza, Interim Chief Information Officer at Cuero Community Hospital. “I trust that this implementation will go as smoothly as all previous projects. I am an avid supporter of Summit Healthcare’s products, services, and their staff!”

Additional features and benefits for organizations include:

  • Customizable notifications when providers want and need them
  • Reduced paper transaction costs and risks from faxing and mailing
  • Free up FTEs by using scheduling tools to automate manual tasks
  • The ability to easily expand your solution to new departments and facilities by granting access to the web portal and easy 1-click sign up
  • Auditing of user events and “Break the Glass” features mitigate any security risks
  • Intuitive web views to make workflows more streamlined for staff and community providers
  • Offline Registration allows users to enter patient information to be entered in your EMR once a downtime has been lifted
  • No additional hardware or software for staff or community providers to install
  • Install the solution off-site or in your chosen cloud environment as an additional backup for data access and cyber security protection.


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