Braintree, Mass., August 31, 2021Summit Healthcare, the leader in healthcare system integration, automation, and business continuity solutions, reports a strong first half of the year that has exceeded expectations in terms of revenue from product and services sales. As the industry continues to weather another difficult year, Summit Healthcare has been able to reconnect with both existing clients and new prospects to revisit various hospital priorities and objectives that had been put on hold.

This is in part due to Summit Healthcare’s continued efforts to focus on developing and investing in new products, features, and functionality to better support industry initiatives and requirements, including uncovering ways to optimize its products and services to support hospitals specifically with navigating COVID-19 challenges. Over the past year, Summit Healthcare has:

  • Offered a Resource Assistance Program and enhanced Professional Services to supplement and act as an extension of hospitals’ limited staff.
  • Provided free 30-day licenses for the RPA solution, SST, to help with automating tasks so employees could focus on other critical areas.
  • Discovered and shared new ways that the Summit Exchange engine and SST could support unprecedented integration challenges and initiatives involving COVID-19 reporting, testing, resulting, and vaccination registering.
  • Released the new Enterprise Dashboard which supported customers’ remote staff in managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting activity within the hospital environment from anywhere, on any device.

For some customers the selection of the above software and/or Professional Services were initially meant to solve challenges related to the pandemic, but the organizations are now set up with scalable, proven technology, and a vendor partner to assist with longer term goals and objectives.

“SST was recently implemented with the goal of providing support related to COVID-19 testing and resulting, which could have been an extremely laborious process. Staff built automated workflows to assist with merging files and test results, processing those results in Meditech, and then emailing or texting the results to patients”, said Lauren Josie, Director of Information Technology at Harrington Memorial Hospital. “We’re looking forward to expanding our use of the solution to further improve operational efficiencies across the organization and establish a very real return on investment by utilizing RPA technology.”

Another significant driver in the success of the first half of 2021 was the change to CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs) requiring hospitals to send electronic event notifications of a patient’s admission, discharge, and/or transfer by May 1, 2021. Summit All Access was the choice of many hospitals for not only its ADT alerting capabilities, but also the ability of the web-based platform to provide comprehensive, secure, data availability to be used during an EHR or network downtime or grant on-demand access to patient information for community providers.

Some of the more recent signings include the following:

  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital, CA – Outsourcing
  • Cody Regional Health, WY – Outsourcing
  • Wilson Memorial Hospital, OH – Outsourcing
  • Kootenai Medical Center, ID – Outsourcing
  • Ephraim McDowell Health, KY – SST
  • University of North Carolina Health Care, NC – SST
  • Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, FL – SST
  • Harrington Memorial Hospital, MA – SST and Automation Services
  • Butler Health System, PA – Automation Services
  • Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities, ON – Automation Services
  • Surgery Partners, TN – Summit Exchange and MEDITECH Interface Environment Outsourcing
  • Beaufort Memorial Hospital, SC – Integration Services
  • Genevieve County Memorial Hospital, MO – Summit Exchange and Integration Services
  • OrthoIndy, IN – Summit Exchange
  • Trinity Regional Hospital, TX – Summit Exchange
  • San Juan Regional Medical Center, NM – All Access and Outsourcing
  • Williamson Medical Center, TN – All Access and Enterprise Dashboard
  • Grady Memorial Hospital, OK – All Access

“We’re hopeful that there will be continued advancements in the fight against COVID-19, and truly appreciate all the great work being done by our healthcare clients, colleagues, and partners,” said Ted Rossi, CEO/Founder at Summit Healthcare. “The success of Summit Healthcare thus far is due in a large part to our clients’ trust in us, and our staff’s ability to listen to their needs, work with them to identify unique challenges, and strategize solutions to support unprecedented integration and automation objectives. It’s a true testament to the great relationships we have built with our customers, and the support that we pride ourselves on.”

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