Leading Market Providers Join Forces to Enhance Patient Matching Solutions for Hospitals

Braintree, MA & Pasadena, CA, December 1, 2020 – Summit Healthcare, a leader in healthcare system integration and automation solutions, has announced a new strategic partnership with NextGate to expand its integration capabilities with real-time patient identification across its network of hospital systems.

NextGate is the global leader in healthcare enterprise identification and Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solutions. NextGate’s EMPI technology helps all types of healthcare organizations deliver better and more efficient care by providing a comprehensive view of each patient. The solution generates a single best record that links the right patient to the right data and allows hospitals to manage the entire patient identification process from the point of registration to revenue management.

Summit Healthcare offers cutting-edge integration, data exchange, workflow automation, legacy archiving, and business continuity products and services. By partnering with NextGate, the newly expanded product suite allows Summit Healthcare to deliver best-in-class technology which will provide a central source of consistent patient identities and demographic data. Summit Healthcare’s powerful interoperability platform, Summit Exchange, feeds HL7 data into the NextGate EMPI system in real-time, allowing for automatic updating and cross-walk mapping of records between systems. The integration of these solutions creates and maintains the accuracy of the patient and provider records throughout the healthcare network, including affiliated organization’s systems.

“Inaccurate patient matching has far reaching consequences throughout a healthcare organization, from revenue to patient safety to quality of care,” said Ted Rossi, CEO at Summit Healthcare. “We’re thrilled to partner with NextGate in order to provide such a critical, trusted, and powerful platform to our clients.”

“At NextGate, we fundamentally believe collaboration builds a better industry and more importantly better, safer, more individualized care for patients,” said Andy Aroditis, CEO of NextGate.  “We are honored to support Summit Healthcare’s long tradition of excellence and innovation with an EMPI solution that delivers accurate and consistent patient identification anytime, anywhere for clinical, operational and financial improvements.”

It is essential that providers have the technology and processes in place to discover that a duplicate record has been created, and to correct it. Healthcare organizations use different electronic health record (EHR) and third party systems, and patient identifiers often vary among them. All it takes is a simple clerical error to result in two different, incomplete records for the same patient, resulting in serious clinical and financial impacts.

Key benefits provided by the technology include:

  • Establishing a common patient identifier for cross-platform interoperability and accurate data exchange
  • Automating duplicate record clean up and elimination of duplicate registrations
  • Reductions in denied medical claims and other financial delays
  • Supports patient safety initiatives by ensuring clinicians have an accurate view of a patient’s medical history
  • Stops duplicate records before they happen, at the point of registration

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About NextGate

With over 200 customers in six countries, NextGate is the global leader in healthcare enterprise identification. Committed to helping organizations overcome the clinical, operational and financial challenges that result from duplicate records and disparate data, our full suite of identity matching solutions connects the entire healthcare ecosystem to drive critical improvements in quality, efficiency and safety. NextGate’s market-leading EMPI currently manages 350 million lives and is deployed by the nation’s most successful healthcare systems and health information exchanges. For more information, visit www.nextgate.com. 

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