Summit Healthcare Supports this Year’s Recipient of the Heart of MUSE Foundation: The Gatehouse

2017 Marks the 13th Year Summit Healthcare Takes the Stage to Honor Heart of MUSE Recipient
Braintree, Mass., June 13, 2017 – The International MUSE Conference is one of the largest MEDITECH user group conferences in the country. Every year, the conference offers individuals and organizations in the industry a chance to come together for networking, professional development, thought leadership, new product and solution highlights, and interactive demos. The conference also gives attendees the chance to give back to the local community by supporting a charity or foundation through an initiative known as the “Heart of MUSE”.
For the past thirteen years, Summit Healthcare has been proud to partner with the MUSE organization to support this great cause. At this year’s 2017 MUSE International Conference, the local charity selected as the Heart of MUSE was The Gatehouse. During the conference, all participants were given the opportunity to donate to the organization by purchasing a $5 pin. Summit Healthcare agreed to match the proceeds from all the pins sold throughout the conference, and 100 percent of the funding went directly to the charity of choice. This year over $4,400 was raised.
“Summit Healthcare is known for our integration and automation technologies. Many don’t realize how deeply we’re involved with communities through our philanthropic efforts,” said Ted Rossi, CEO, Summit Healthcare. “It’s through opportunities like the Heart of MUSE we have the chance to get involved with a number of community efforts across the country. The Gatehouse is a fantastic organization, one which Summit Healthcare takes great pride in supporting.”
Opened in March 2015, The Gatehouse is a living community where women and children in crisis can find support in the form of food, clothing, legal and medical aid, career guidance, childcare, professional counseling, higher education, and more. The community has 96 apartments and includes a Community Education Center, an Event Center, two in-neighborhood Advisor Centers, General Store, Hope Chapel, walking trails and commercial space. This community, which allows members to stay up to two and a half years depending on their individually tailored program, provides safe refuge for those in need.
“We are pleased to receive this generous donation by Summit Healthcare and the MUSE community. Every donated dollar we receive is another opportunity to provide these women and children with a safe, healthy environment that enables them to learn, expand their skills, and build happy, healthy lives,” said Deborah Lyons, Executive Director of The Gatehouse.
On the last day of the conference, Friday, June 2, 2017, Summit Healthcare presented the gift to The Gatehouse, to close out a both successful and fulfilling event.
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About The Gatehouse
The Gatehouse, located on 61 acres with 95 apartments in Grapevine, is a supportive living community where women and children leaving a crisis receive safe refuge, ample time, practical resources and healthy relationships to discover new paths for permanent, positive change.
As part of the individually-tailored Independent Life Program, women and their children can stay for up to 2 and a half years and receive services such as food, clothes, cars, auto maintenance, medical/dental, legal aid, financial literacy training, career development guidance, childcare, professional counseling and higher education as part of building new lives and ending cycles of abuse and poverty.