Posted on behalf of Christine Duval, Marketing Manager
After months of preparing for HIMSS20, and looking forward to various presentations, educational sessions, meetings and events, it was disappointing to learn of HIMSS’ decision to cancel the event due to coronavirus concerns. However, we at Summit Healthcare completely understand and support the decision to do so.
It is in times like these, now more than ever, we’re reminded of the true importance and significance that the entire world population plays in healthcare and safety in our communities. Coincidentally enough, National Hospitalist Day just passed on March 5th. “Hospitalists” include all of those doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, technicians, etc. on the front lines that are treating patients and saving lives on a daily basis. It also includes those in the background studying cures for infectious diseases and cancer, developing cutting edge healthcare technology to improve patient care, and everyone in between. All those who are currently working tirelessly to treat coronavirus patients, helping to develop a vaccine, educating their communities and the world on how to avoid exposure and limit the spread of the infection; Everyone who would have been at HIMSS last week.
We are so proud to be a part of the healthcare community!
Most coronavirus cases began cropping up as people traveled to other states and countries. It’s apparent how important the role of healthcare information technology is in effectively treating patients no matter where they are in the world. The ability to immediately access and share accurate and up-to-date patient data between hospital systems and physician practices is critical to treating patients safely and quickly. Being able to proactively notify a patient’s care team when they present at a hospital for treatment, or when they’re discharged, is key for managing readmissions and proper transitions of care. Furthermore, being able to access all this data through the web, from anywhere, and any device, is essential during a time when non-essential staff are being told to stay home and distance themselves from others.
The major benefits of virtual care and Telehealth, which just received funding as part of the new coronavirus spending bill, are evident. During this outbreak, those showing symptoms need to be assessed quickly, and at the same time are also being told to quarantine themselves inside their homes. Avoiding people and public places is integral for containing further spread of the virus. Telehealth also provides benefits for vulnerable patients who need regular care, but don’t want to go to a doctor’s office or hospital for fear of being exposed to the virus.
“HIMSS20 – Be the Change”
The healthcare industry is changing rapidly. With new government mandates on data exchange and interoperability, changing needs of patients and satisfaction measures, new technology innovations and abilities…we’re all just trying to keep up. Summit Healthcare is focused on investing in our technology offerings to ensure we’re staying up to date with the latest trends. We’re committed to providing solutions that enable health systems to remain sustainable in this ever-changing industry. We’re focused on developing the most efficient and reliable solutions for integrating systems, sharing data, improving ROI, and ensuring patient safety.
A key takeaway from HIMSS20: health care takes a village. Every single person plays an integral role, whether they realize it or not, in making a difference and improving care across the globe. Whether it’s staying home from work if you don’t feel well, cancelling your trip, or over-using your supply of antibacterial cleaners and wipes, you’re contributing to promoting healthy lives. There will always be a need for healthcare – but the way healthcare is applied, and the technological capabilities are revolutionizing.
The way hospitals are able to treat patients is changing. The way patients are seeking treatment is changing. The way people live is changing.  
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