Posted on behalf of Lily Cohen, Marketing Associate

Today, hospitals have had to adapt under extraordinary circumstances. Hospital employees need all the time they can get to focus on patients and other pressing projects. By using outsourcing to supplement your in-house staff, you can save time, resources, and get the most value out of your IT technology investment. Leave the details to the experts so your team can focus on core initiatives.

Some tasks an experienced healthcare IT vendor can assist with:

  • Outsourcing Services – Manage your entire Hospital IT infrastructure and its systems.
  • Integration Services – Interface consolidation, EHR migrations, engine replacements, interface builds and complex integrations (ITI, web services, direct messaging), FHIR integration, custom alerting, and more.
  • Legacy Data Archiving and Extraction Services – Make data conversions more efficient and cost effective with solutions ranging from pre-conversion assessments to fully managed extractions and archiving.
  • Automation Services – Review your overall workflow environment and write/re-write automations across your organization – accounting, HR, Payroll, revenue cycle management, business office, and more.
  • Business Continuity Services – Provide an enterprise-wide solution to help in the event of a system or network downtime and perform regular updates on the status of your business continuity solution.

Benefits of utilizing a managed services provider:

  • They are constantly listening and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the industry.
  • They are always learning from and evolving with a variety of clients and their different needs and expectations.
  • You will have access to a committed, highly experienced team that acts as an extension of your staff.
  • Experts at solving problems and troubleshooting common issues who have seen it all will be at your disposal.
  • It is more cost-effective than hiring and training new in-house staff.
  • They will provide you with 24x7x365 support, which will allow your team to focus on core business needs.

For 21 years, Summit Healthcare’s goals have remained the same – to provide professional solutions that match the needs of our clients, and to be adaptable in a changing industry. Chat with one of our experts to learn more!