Posted on behalf of Lily Cohen, Marketing Associate

Barry Njoes, our Director of Regional Sales, gave the scoop on how the Summit Scripting Toolkit can help clients automate pre-registrations for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Right now, many hospitals are setting up their own websites where patients can request time slots for COVID-19 vaccines. Summit is in discussion with several different sites about how SST can take the personal information a patient enters and create a pre-registration account within that site’s EHR.

There are several benefits to automating vaccine pre-registrations. It frees up time and resources for hospitals. If automation detects a direct match between the registering patient and the EHR records, registration staff can avoid time-consuming manual data entry. Automation can also be done in real time and 24/7, based off of particular event triggers.

With our RPA solution, we can provide reports for additional follow-up. If there’s a name mismatch or an issue creating a pre-registration that matches an existing account, Summit can create different workflows to address those individual cases. The sites can then put the proper follow-up protocols in place, to ensure patients are followed up with in a timely manner and can get their COVID-19 vaccines scheduled.

As with any automation solution, there can be challenges. If you have a patient named Jonathan Smith and he puts the name John Smith on his pre-registration form, the system may run into a potential name mismatch. The great thing about this solution is that in cases like this, it can still match the patient in the system from their birthday, age, sex, etc. – whatever criteria the hospital chooses. As long as we’re able to set up proper workflows and subsequent protocols, automating pre-registrations can make the lives of hospital workers significantly easier.

 A new offering, Summit’s Automation Services, provides a consultative evaluation of a health system’s business processes along with the utilization of our RPA technology and staff expertise to provide time and cost-saving solutions to each department of the organization. In our latest Press Release, we announced our newest RPA software and service signings. Here’s what Lauren Josie, the Director of Information Technology at Harrington Memorial Hospital, had to say:

“SST was recently implemented with the goal of providing support related to COVID-19 testing and resulting, which could have been an extremely laborious process. Staff built automated workflows to assist with merging files and test results, processing those results in Meditech, and then emailing or texting the results to patients.

We’re looking forward to expanding our use of the solution to further improve operational efficiencies across the organization, and establish a very real return on investment by utilizing RPA technology.”

The state of North Carolina is now requiring hospitals to enter COVID-19 vaccination information into the state’s CVMS (COVID-19 Vaccine Management System) in addition to entering this data into a hospital’s EHR. SST is an invaluable tool when it comes to handling the large volumes of data entry involved in COVID-19 reporting, specifically as it relates to the new CVMS requirement.

As hospitals and healthcare workers continue to operate under extreme circumstances in the fight against COVID-19, more and more resources are being re-allocated for testing and resulting, as well as vaccination scheduling and reporting. When it comes to fulfilling North Carolina’s CVMS requirements, Summit’s RPA tool can save hospital staff from an unnecessary amount of time-consuming, duplicate data entry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Summit Scripting Toolkit and/or how to set up automation for COVID-19 vaccine registrations, please contact us today.