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Downtime Reporting System – Business Continuity

The Summit Downtime Reporting System is a secure, advanced, turn-key technology platform that ensures critical patient data is available 100% of the time, regardless of network outages, EHR failure, or any other scheduled or unplanned downtime.  Clinical and non-clinical users will be able to access snapshots of key information at touch-points throughout your facilities.  Heightened report generation and distribution allows providers to be certain that patients are protected during downtime with access to any and all reports, clinical data, and images.  This affordable solution ensures patient care is uninterrupted no matter how long the network outage.

Downtime doesn’t have to be a nightmare for staff and your IT department.  Summit Downtime Reporting System makes sure scheduled and unscheduled downtime is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.  Key patient data will be available at multiple touch points, centrally and strategically located throughout the hospital.  Report retrieval is made easy with a simple request through the viewing application, and reports are decrypted with a single click.  Your hospital can be configured with as many downtime stations as you want–One client has over 150!
There is no worry of information being unavailable as Summit Downtime Reporting System can accept, encrypt and distribute any report from any system.  Summit Downtime Reporting System supports any HCIS vendor system and can interface with any of your providers during your downtime.

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Express Connect – Interface Engine

Summit Express Connect is a healthcare integration and mapping tool designed by interface experts for the demands of today’s hospital environment.  It allows for complex mapping without the headache of difficult programming.  Plain language documentation and an intuitive user interface put control in the hands of your IT department.

Care Exchange – CCD Integration

Support your transition of care meaningful use objective with Care Exchange. Care Exchange facilitates Continuity of Care Document (CCD) exchange among hospitals, providers, Health Information Exchanges, and others, promoting interoperability and better outcomes.